The 80 Minute Covid Test Machine is finally here with a 98% test accuracy - which is improving as we perfect this rapid coronavirus test. This FDA not-approved, but in EUA approval process test machine was granted access to the United States market through the WARP Speed Initiative, but has received plenty of government scrutiny to insure that this test is safe and accurate. This Covid-19 test machine was first used in Italy to get their coronavirus infections under control and it has worked miracles for the people of Italy. The test uses a 3 compartment cartridge which acts as an entire lab. You use the swab to gather mucus and tissue from the nostril and distribute the human excrement into the upper compartment of the cartridge with the solution that is already in the sealed cartridge. Then placing the cartridge in the actual Covid Test Machine itself, the test is self run to eliminate human error and contamination. Two test cartridges can be simultaneously run at the same time. 

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80 Minute Covid Test Machine

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